Anti-Drug Public Service Announcement Contest

A public awareness campaign educating communities, youth and parents about the health and safety risks involved in using drugs.

The message priority should be heroin, prescription pill, and/or marijuana abuse as they are the chief drugs having the biggest adverse impact on our youth and to help reduce the deadly toll of opioid overdose through awareness. However, any general purpose anti-drug awareness Public Service Announcement will be considered.

This campaign should encourage youth and the entire community to send a unified message that drug abuse is unhealthy, unsafe, and unacceptable. This campaign should also bring awareness of the local conditions surrounding youth marijuana, prescription pill and heroin abuse to our community – to leaders, parents and youth.

Statistics show Trumbull County ranked 12th in the entire state of Ohio in 2015 for death by heroin and other opioid overdoses (including prescription pain pills). This number is steadily increasing. Additionally, there are many adverse effects of marijuana use including respiratory issues and long term psychological problems. In states where marijuana use has been legalized, there is an increase in youth abusing this drug, as well as an increase in car accidents with injuries. See more at:,, or
Contest Rules & Guidelines

Prizes we will be awarded to the top 3 classroom submissions:

1st Place: $1,000 awarded to the winning classroom

Efforts will be made to contact local news media to possibly air the PSA on local TV

channels. It will also be featured in a Tribune Chronicle article addressing the heroin

and opiate epidemic and marijuana abuse effecting our communities.

2nd Place: $250 awarded to the classroom submission coming in second place

3rd Place: Pizza and pop party awarded to the classroom submission coming in third place

Winning schools will be notified by phone, Monday, May 15th, 2017 and arrangements will be made to deliver the prizes to the winners that week.

Click Here for more information, including the contest entry form.