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Our mission is to come to the aid of those loved ones who are suffering, including their family and friends, from addiction. And to bring awareness and education to the community at large that addiction is a brain disorder and should be thought of as such.

What can Solace do?

Facilitate positive change by leading support to current drug related programs. Local programs for managing drug issues are stretched too thin. We want to find new ways to improve the system.

Change public perceptions about recovery. Recovery by definition is a process of change through which individuals improve their health and wellness and strive to reach their full potential. We can help to educate the public and change their ideas about what recovery is.

Advocate for the recovering through community outreach and education to public officials. As we know, the drug epidemic is effecting more and more families in our communities. Local officials need to be aware that changes have to happen in order to fight this battle head on. We will work to inform these powerful leaders about what is happening in their neighborhoods as well as ask for their support for our initiatives.

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