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SOLACE – Surviving Our Loss And Continuing Everyday

Solace of the Valley is a non-profit organization based in Trumbull county serving all of the Mahoning Valley, fighting the stigma of addiction and bringing awareness through education to the community that addiction is a brain disorder, not a disgrace.

Solace members seek to end the crisis of drug addiction in their communities. We provide support to individuals and families affected by addiction, advocating for policy changes and mobilizing other communities to enact their own changes.

Solace is an action group, not a recovery group. Solace members are encouraged to be visible in the war on addiction, working within the legal boundaries to enact positive changes to the current climate of laws and penalties to diminish the effects of addiction on our loved ones. We feel that we can be a useful partner to those in recovery and those in active addiction to promote positive change.

Together we can break the stigma of addiction.

Solace was founded by Joanne Krohn

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