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We are seeking to find people to join us. We need people from all walks of life who can contribute their personal skills and connections in a way that when combined can make big changes in our communities.

Work toward goals using each member's strength. Are you home bound and think you can't help? You could compile data from local news reports to present to local leaders. Information is a powerful tool in any effort for change. Are you great at art? You could design a children's coloring page that a local sponsor can produce and we can distribute it as a prevention and educational piece. Everyone can help. 

At meetings, we will report the progress that has been made. Join us to experience change happening first hand. Join us to share and hear stories of families and the recovering alike. Make our voices heard. Our communities will be responsible for reporting to the media so the message of Solace reaches far and wide.

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We meet every third Tuesday of the month, 6:00 P.M. at Grace Fellowship Church